Toyota and Nissan Recall 6.5 Million Vehicles Over Airbag Concerns


Pictured above: Workers at a Toyota factory in Japan. 

Today, Toyota and Nissan recalled an additional 6.5 million vehicles to the 25 million that have been deemed to have potentially faulty airbags. So far, six people have died and more than 100 have been injured due to a defective airbag. The airbags, created by Takata, have been deemed to be unsafe. Studies conducted by Toyota show that the airbags' steel inflaters, which contain the propellant and can burst apart, were not always airtight. This led to ruptures of the bags, making them unstable. The airbags contain ammonium nitrate, which while a power propellant, can become unstable after its contaminated with moisture. 

According to former engineers with the company, this was used to cut costs. A former defense contractor had warned Toyota years ago that their methods of testing the airbags was inadequate and that problems had already begun to arise when he originally inspected their testing methods. Toyota has claimed their recall is investigative and preventive and has not admitted fault to any deaths or injuries linked to the airbags. Currently, Takata is providing fixes for the recalled vehicles but the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is fining the company $14,000 a day. It is likely that many more vehicles will be recalled. 


Legal Commentary

If you or someone you know has been injured by a recalled product, merely sending the product back for a replacement or refund is unlikely to be an adequate response. Rather, an individual injured by a recalled product is likely entitled to greater compensation under the law. This likelihood is particularly true because large corporations that produce defective products normally carry large insurance policies for the benefit of the consumers that their products might injure.

If you or someone you know has been injured by a recalled or defective product, you deserve to understand the full extent of your legal rights and the compensation you may be entitled to receive. In such cases, you may be subject to a pressing statute of limitations (the deadline to make a claim), or you may be at risk of losing evidence critical to your case; therefore, it is essential that you act quickly to preserve your rights. The attorneys at Fears | Nachawati are national leaders in product recall cases and will be happy to assist you. For a free attorney consultation, please call 1.866.705.7584 or send an email to


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Aaron Banks, a 21-Year Old Male Settled With the Drug Company Johnson and Johnson for Understated Risks of Risperdal and its Cause of Male Breast Growth

In September of last year, 21-year old Aaron Banks settled for an undisclosed amount with Johnson and Johnson (J&J) regarding the use of Risperdal with its negative side effects and understated risks. Banks had been treated with Risperdal from the ages 9 to 14. Because of the use of this drug he developed a condition known as Gynecomastia, or the abnormal growth of male breast tissue. Banks’ attorney Stephen Sheller explains that the breast development is caused by the stimulation and increased levels of prolactin—a hormone released by the pituitary gland. Unfortunately for Banks, this growth of males breasts lead to prolonged psychological trauma. This case was only the first of many to follow; recently J&J has been involved in a 2.2 billion dollar Risperdal settlement with the federal government. This law suit is partially based on the alleged understated risks of the medication. Sheller also stated, “There are boys who grew breasts as large as ‘D’ cups. There’s a major design defect here… not just the fact that labeling understated risks.”

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Risperdal Lawyer - Do you have a case?

Risperdal Lawyers and Risperdal Attorneys - Do you have a Case?

Risperdal lawyer evaluations are being conducted and Risperdal and Risperidone cases are being accepted by our Risperdal attorneys on a Nationwide basis.  Risperdal's maker, Johnson & Johnson, is responsible in our opinion for understating the side effects that Risperdal use causes, particularly breast growth in males, known as Gynecomastia.  According to medical studies, Risperdal and or Risperidone use causes an increase in the production of the hormone, Prolactin, which is responsible for causing an increase in breast tissue growth in young males.  Free Risperdone legal advice and free Risperdal consultations are being given by our Risperdal law department on a daily basis.  We represent hundreds of families against Johnson and Johnson and are presently filing Risperdal lawsuits against Johnson & Johnson on a daily basis.  

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OxyElite Pro, Dietary Supplement Created in USP Labs in Dallas linked to cases of Hepatitis, Liver Failure, and Death

OxyElite Pro, a popular dietary supplement manufactured at USP Labs in Dallas, TX, is currently under Federal investigation. According to the FDA and the Centers for Disease Control, the supplement has been linked so far to 29 cases of hepatitis; which have subsequently led to two liver transplants and one death of a user in Hawaii. Currently, 11 people have been hospitalized from usage of this supplement, and additional across the country are quickly surfacing and being investigated. Legal information about this investigation can be emailed here.

Unlike prescribed medication, dietary supplements do not need FDA approval before being produced and placed into the market for public consumption. USP Labs has taken precautionary measures by ceasing domestic distribution of certain types of OxyElite Pro, and Federal officials suggest that consumers stop taking it. Unfortunately, the CDC and FDA could not be reached for any updates on their investigation due to the government shutdown. Below is a video clip that further elaborates on the investigation of OxyElite Pro, courtesy of





Legal Commentary

It’s very unfortunate that people who were attempting to improve their health and quality of life are now in even poorer health than before, as a result of taking this dangerous supplement. Although this supplement has compromised the health of many people – and claimed the life of one individual to date – in situations like these, there is potential to file civil suits to compensate the victims and their families for pain, suffering, and the costly medical expenses.
From a civil standpoint, our firm has represented numerous victims and their families when they find themselves involved in product liability cases, such as the one mentioned above. While supplements and medications often cause irreparable damage to victims, a successful product liability claim against the manufacturer will ease the financial burden of medical expenses, and provide the victims with the support they need to recover physically and emotionally as best as possible.

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Is Texas's Foster Care System Unconstitutional?

According to a class action lawsuit filed in state court, Texas’s foster care system is unconstitutional and requires reform. The suit, filed in Corpus Christi, alleges that the rights of children are being impaired, sometimes significantly, as they endure poor treatment, including risk of abuse, poor health care and separation from loved ones such as brothers and sisters. Of Texas’s 12,000 foster children, those who have been in the state’s custody for more than three years have lived in an average of 11 different homes.


Class action lawsuits are an important and effective way for impaired groups to defray the costs of litigation while nevertheless securing the full benefits of America’s justice system. If you’re suffering from a bad product, sub-standard service or other widely shared malady, a class action lawsuit may be what you need. To find out more about class action suits, contact the personal injury experts at Fears | Nachawati. Call us at 1.866.705.7584 or send an email to We’re ready to help you!