A Passaic County, New Jersey, judge has requested mass tort status for all of the state’s Yasmin, Yaz and Ocella lawsuits.

Requesting the consolidation is Judge Donald Volkert jr. Already in Passaic County, where Volkert sits, there are more than a dozen Yaz andYasmin lawsuits pending.

There are 26 additional Yaz and Yasmin mean lawsuits pending in other New Jersey counties. According to Volkert, Yasmin and Yaz plaintiffs lawyers in the state have told him the number could reach 1000. If assigned mass tort status, all the Yaz and Yasmin lawsuits would be assigned to one judge.

Typically mass tort status requests are made by plaintiffs’ lawyers, but the courts do allow judges to make these applications as well. Volkert acted out of concern for strain on the judiciary’s resources.

Volkert’s proposal is being considered by New Jersey’s Administrative Office of the Courts, and a ruling is expected sometime in early 2010.

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