Pictured above: A scene from the construction site accident in New York City today 

Today, in Midtown East, a freak work site accident left 10 workers and pedestrians injured. Construction was being performed on Madison Avenue between 38th and 39th streets. An industrial air condition was being hoisted by a crane to the top of a building at that location when a cable snapped. The unit fell 28 stories and sheared the side of the building. Falling debris injured two construction workers and eight pedestrians. Luckily the accident occurred over the weekend when there were fewer pedestrians. 

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio stated today that the city would undertake a full investigation in order to understand what exactly caused the accident. Usually construction work this large is done over the weekend when there are less crowds. However, construction-related accidents have recently increased in New York City, prompting residents and officials to try to figure out how to cut back on these types of accidents. Fortunately, in this case, no one was critically or mortally injured.