The Chicago  company, Phusion Projects, that manufactures the caffeine and alcohol energy drink called Four Loko’s has been given new rules by the Federal Trade Commission on how it can label and market its product. The drink known as Four Loko’s, has been banned in several states after reports that people who drank the beverage had to visit an emergency room. Some consumers have suffered severe consequences, even death.

Originally, the makers of Four Loko’s claimed that the 23.5 ounce can contained the alcoholic equivalent of one to two 12-ounce beers. They even claimed that it was safe to drink an entire can in one sitting. Research from a suit proved that the drink actually contained four to five beers’ worth of alcohol. A New Jersey man has sued Phusion Projects because he claims that the drink permanently damaged his heart. After drinking more than two cans of Four Loko last year he was rushed to the hospital and suffered heart arrhythmia. The FDA has since declared that alcoholic energy drinks are unsafe.

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The Black and Decker Corporation is undergoing a series of lawsuits from consumers claiming received injuries caused by a table saw. The company is alleged to designed, making, and selling a defective product. According to the lawsuit, the saw is said to not be equipped with a device called a riving knife—a small piece of metal that reduces the chances of the wood jerking back and pulling the operator’s hands into the blades of the saw. Because of the lack of this device in these Black and Decker table saws, many have had severe and permanent injuries to their fingers and hands from unexpected contact with the saw blade.

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 Table saws are a tool used daily by millions of people across the United States. They can easily be found in wood shops, at construction sites, and inside the homes of do-it-yourselfers. It’s no surprise then that more than 67,000 people suffer blade contact injuries, according to government estimates. Of these injuries, 33,000 injuries are treated in emergency rooms and more than 4,000 result in amputations of one or more fingers.


But what if these accidents and injuries could be prevented?  That’s exactly what SawStop, a new table saw company, seeks to fix. They’ve created a safety device called SawStop that allows the blade of a saw to distinguish between wood and flesh, thus preventing any serious injuries from occurring. Since its inception, SawStop has recorded 2,000 “finger saves,” where users of the saw, had they been using a conventional saw, would have severely damaged or lost a finger. Instead, they received minor cuts or a few stitches, reducing the need for extensive medical care and any associated bills.


Unfortunately, fingers are still being sliced off since SawStop was created, but little has been done by the industry to introduce this technology in all table saws. More established table saw companies and the Power Tool Institute have pushed against the use of this new technology, arguing that the cost of society from table saw accidents, an estimated $2.36 billion, is exaggerated. But there’s also more at stake for these companies: if SawStop takes off, companies would have to face liability for accidents with conventional saws.


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The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) concluded recently that Whole Women’s Health of Austin, a health clinic in North Austin, improperly disposed of aborted fetuses. Whole Women’s Health of Austin sent fetuses along with other medical waste for steam disinfection and then on to a landfill. Under Texas state law, steam disinfection is an approved treatment method if followed by internment. State law prohibits the disposal of human body parts, fetuses or products of abortion from being disposed in a landfill.


Whole Women’s Health of Austin faces stiff penalties from the TCEQ. Experts are asking, however, whether the patients have a cause of action against the clinic. For many, knowing that their aborted child is in a landfill somewhere in the Texas hill country is an understandably disturbing thought. Should Whole Women’s Health of Austin be held accountable for that distress?


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The Texas Department of State Health Services reports that two-thirds of Texas adults are overweight or obese. And the problem is getting worse. Current trends suggest that 75 percent of Texas adults will be obese by 2040. The obesity trends are particularly severe for minorities, with 75 percent of African-Americans and 71 percent of Hispanics overweight or obese.


What’s the reason for our growth? According to a new study in the New England Journal of Medicine, more than anything else, it’s the potato chip. Studying the diet and lifestyle of more than 120,000 people for two decades, researchers found that on average participants gained 17 pounds during the twenty year period. They found that each one ounce serving (roughly 15 chips, 160 calories) led to 1.69-pound increase. Compared to a serving of sweets (0.41 pounds), an alcoholic drink (0.41 pounds) or watching one-hour of TV (0.31-pound increase), the potato chip was far-and-away the biggest contributor to our nation’s growing average belt size.


Of course, you probably knew that potato chips were bad for you, but did you know that they were this dangerous? Some experts have speculated that potato chip companies ought to be held more accountable for the health risks their product imposes. Cigarette companies have had to warn about the dangers of their product for years. They’ve had to educate the public, too. By comparison, potato chip companies have gotten off scot-free – and all the while our society has been gaining almost a pound per year!


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Yesterday, a Coast Guard helicopter saved the lives of father and son sailors, plucking them out of Galveston Bay after their 18-foot pleasure boat capsized unexpectedly. Fortunately, Richard Rasmussen and his son, Robert, survived their two-hour ordeal in choppy water because they wore their lift preservers. 


The surprise rolling of the Rasmussen’s vessel raises important questions about the quality of the boat’s construction. In 2010, the Coast Guard identified more than 4,500 recreational boating accidents involving nearly 700 deaths, more than 3,000 injuries and $35.5 million in property damage. In many of these accidents, poor construction played a significant role in causing injury and death!


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Retirement Value, a New Braunfels-based insurance company, is the latest fly-by-night financial firm to defraud hundreds of Texas investors. Offering a financial product known as a “life settlement”, Retirement Value claimed to connect financially distressed, elderly life insurance policyholders with investors looking for a high-return vehicle. In theory, the elderly policyholder would assign the value of the insurance policy to the investor in exchange for the investor assuming the premium obligations. In practice, however, Retirement Value absconded with investor funds, overstated the likely returns and saddled investors with millions in premium payments.


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Yesterday a 50-year-old man fell into Lake Houston from his Jet Ski. While his fellow passenger, a 10-year-old child, was accounted for, the Jet Ski’s driver was not located by the Atascocita Volunteer Fire Department. The entire incident raises new, challenging questions about the safety of Jet Skis and the extent to which dangerous designs put customers at risk.


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Billed as a benign salve to cure skin cancers, in truth Aldara is something quite different: a worldwide and, for many Texas, deeply personal health crisis in the making. In fact, the American Cancer Society and National Cancer Institute have labeled the active ingredient in Aldara, imiquimod (IQ), as a dangerous carcinogen and hazardous chemical. Reported Aldara side effects include immune system damage, anaphylactic shock, memory loss, diminished eyesight, headaches, dizziness and inexplicable weight loss.


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After testing revealed Alkaline Phosphatase, an enzyme not present in pasteurized milk, Oak Farms Dairy in Waco, Texas, recalled 64,000 units of milk. The potentially affected milk had already been distributed to retailers and schools in San Antonio, Austin, Waco, Temple, Kileen and several other Texas cities.


Your friends and family who drink Oak Farms milk need to know about this quality-control breakdown. Although no illnesses have been reported yet, concerns remain high as unpasteurized milk can carry numerous bacteria such as salmonella, e. coli, and listeria. Unpasteurized milk is particularly dangerous for pregnant women, children, the elderly and people with weakened immune systems.


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