Baby Trend, Inc. (Baby Trend) has recalled 16,655 car seats, model years 2011 and 2012 TrendZ Fastback 3-in-1 child restraints, models FB60070 (Granite) and FB60408 (Jellybean), manufactured between October 2011 and July 2013. The defect involves difficulty in unlatching the harness buckle. In several cases, the buckle has become fixed in a latched condition so

In March there was a complaint filed against the testosterone gel AndroGel by a New York man, Gary White. He joins the growing number of critics and complaints against this treatment for low testosterone (Low T). Gary White used AndroGel and it resulted in him having a stroke after only 5 months of use. Mr.

Transvaginal mesh, a sling device used to support sagging organs, has caused suffering to thousands of women. Not only does this device cause pain and suffering after the implantation, but in many situations it is nearly impossible to remove. One news website quotes a Bay Area pelvic surgeon, Michael Thomas Margolis as he explains the removal with this analogy:

“Extirpation of vaginal mesh is akin to taking a hammer and chisel and trying to remove the rebar from a sidewalk while leaving the cement otherwise intact and not damaging the water mains and power line below. It is difficult if not impossible to remove all the mesh and do it safely.”

Corrective surgery may lessen the pain, but for many women who suffer from adverse effect from the Transvaginal mesh, they experience years of constant pain and suffering.

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AndroGel, a drug used to supplement testosterone which is naturally made by the body. Some men suffer from conditions caused by low testosterone, and the gel is used to aid the lack of natural testosterone. It is a topical hormone gel used simply by rubbing the medication onto the skin. However simple this treatment may seem, the complications it causes are more complex. Information by the federal drug regulatory agency reports at least 42 heart attacks, 44 pulmonary emboli, 18 cerebral vascular accidents and 12 deaths associated with the use of this treatment.

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Every year approximately 40,000 people are injured by a table saw. In fact, of these injuries 10% of these injuries leads to amputations. That is 4,000 each year who need an amputation from a serious injury from a table saw. Although the SawStop technology, which stops the saw when it comes in contact with flesh

AndroGel is a testosterone gel used to treat adult males who are testosterone deficient. Testosterone is a hormone which is naturally made by the human body. In fact, this hormone is responsible for many of the sexual characteristics of males such as growth of male sex organs and the prostate, development and distribution of male