Matthew McCarley, a partner at Fears | Nachawati Law Firm, has been appointed to the Plaintiffs’ Executive Committee (PEC) in the multidistrict litigation (MDL) regarding Inferior Vena Cava (IVC) Filters manufactured by Cook Group, Inc.   IVC Filters were implanted to prevent blood clots from becoming coronary or pulmonary embolisms. However, reports first surfaced in 2005, that the radial arms and struts of the retrievable filters had broken off inside the body of patients and led to many dangerous health complications. Since the first reported complications, patients with filters implanted longer than 6 months have experienced complications at high rates of occurrence.  The complications include but are not limited to, erosion of the filter into the wall of the Vena Cava, perforation of the radial arms and struts into major organs and arteries, and tilting of the filter. 

As part of the Plaintiff’s Executive Committee, Mr. McCarley will be working alongside other nationally prominent attorneys as lead plaintiffs’ counsel for all IVC filter plaintiffs.  
If you or a loved one experienced any issues because of an implanted or removed IVC filter, we encourage you to consult with one of our IVC Filter attorneys as soon as possible. A successful civil claim against the responsible party will ensure relief from the burden of costly medical expenses. We will also pursue compensation for the pain, suffering, and lost wages for time missed from work as a result of IVC filter complications. Further questions can be directed to our office at 1.866.705.7584 or 

Fears | Nachawati Law Firm proudly sponsored Feed My Starving Children’s volunteering event this past weekend at the Parish Episcopal School in Dallas. Feed My Starving Children is a Christian non-profit organization committed to eliminating poverty and starvation around the world by providing food for malnourished children. Employees and their families had the opportunity to help pack meals for starving children across the world.

We are proud to announce that Fears | Nachawati Law Firm Partner, Majed Nachawati, has recently been appointed as Panel Chairman on Panel 2, District 6 Grievance Committee of the State Bar of Texas. This appointment is highly prestigious, as the position is filled based up on nominations from other grievance committee members, and ultimately appointed by the Committee Chair.  The Committee’s job is to make sure that attorneys throughout the state of Texas uphold the integrity of the practice of law and remain accountable to the public and their clients. As part of his new role, Mr. Nachawati will be responsible for presiding over panel proceedings, evidentiary hearings, and the summary disposition docket. He is dedicated to protecting the public through his work on the Grievance Committee and hopes to advance and improve the quality of legal services to the public during his term as Panel Chairman.  Information about the firm or Mr. Nachawati can be found at or by calling the firm at 1.866.705.7584.

We are proud to announce that our experienced team of legal counsel has recently won a substantial verdict for our client, Donald R. Maddox. On July 22, 2014, our council, headed by attorney Garnett Hendrix, appeared before a jury in the 44th Judicial Court in Dallas County. There, the jury rendered a verdict of more than $1,700,000.00 to our client. The verdict takes into consideration pain and mental anguish sustained in the past and in the future, as well as loss of earning potential that resulted from our client’s accident.

Our counsel became involved in Mr. Maddox’ case after an avoidable mechanical failure severely injured his knee. The civil case of Donald R. Maddox v. Inland Truck Parts Company began after Maddox, employed as a truck driver, was unloading a truck that had recently been serviced by Inland Truck Parts Company. The transmission of his truck shifted from the bell housing assembly that housed it, causing the transmission to shift, causing repeated injuries to his knee. It was later found that Inland Truck Parts Company had left off essential bolts from the mechanism. Because the truck was not serviced properly, our client Mr. Maddox was left in debilitating pain that ultimately required a total knee replacement. This injury has severely hindered our client’s ability to work and to go about his day-to-day activities.

We anticipate that our client finds some solace in this jury verdict decision. Accidents, especially ones that could have been avoided, can be emotionally, physically and financially difficult. If you have been injured due to a company’s negligence, you may be entitled to pursue a claim against the responsible party. Our experienced team of physical injury attorneys at Fears | Nachawati can provide the legal guidance and representation you need to successfully achieve a claim against the responsible party.


We are happy to announce that effective today, July 1st, the Raggio Law Firm has merged with Fears | Nachawati. Attorney John Raggio will be joining our firm as the partner in charge of our firm’s Criminal Defense and Family Law practice areas. John has nearly a decade of experience in both practice areas and his most recent victory was an acquittal following a driving while intoxicated jury trial. We are excited about the addition of John to our firm as a Partner, as well as our firm’s ability to offer client services in two new practice areas.  

Fears | Nachawati Law Firm is proud to announce that on June 14, 2013, partner Majed Nachawati was unanimously nominated to a three-year term on the Board of Directors of the Public Justice Foundation. As America’s public interest law firm, the Public Justice Foundation is a not-for-profit, 501(c )(3) charitable membership organization that supports progressive litigation. The mission of the Foundation is to increase access to justice by combating threats to our justice system and challenging government, corporate, and individual wrongdoing. Majed Nachawati is honored to have been nominated and hopes to help the organization continue to achieve its public interest goals.

We are proud to announce that partner Majed Nachawati has recently been appointed to the District 6 Grievance Committee of the State Bar of Texas. This appointment is very prestigious, as less than 400 volunteer attorneys and public members are appointed to 17 grievance committees across the state. As part of his new role, Mr. Nachawati will be responsible for ensuring that attorneys throughout the state of Texas are held accountable for their actions and that they remain dedicated to their clients. Mr. Nachawati is dedicated to protecting the public through his work on the Grievance Committee and hopes to advance and improve the quality of legal services to the public during his term.


In 1996, Evangelina Cruz died of a gunshot wound in Lamb County, near Lubbock, Texas. The legal repercussions of that gunshot continue to reverberate in the west Texas legal community. 


The men accused of killing Ms. Cruz, Jesus Ramirez and Alberto Sifuents, were initially prosecuted and convicted of capital murder. In 2008, however, they succeeded in appealing the verdict. The appeals court overturned their convictions, concluding that the attorneys who represented Mr. Ramirez and Mr. Sifuents provided legal defense at trial so insufficient as to violate the clients’ constitutional rights. Now, Mr. Cruz and Mr. Ramirez have filed suit in a Lubbock federal court, seeking $12 million in damages on the basis that the original trial in Lamb County constituted a conspiracy aimed at an unlawful conviction. 


At the heart of Mr. Ramirez and Mr. Sifuents’s conspiracy claim is the appellate court’s conclusion that their original trial defense was so inadequate as to vitiate their constitutional right to legal representation.


Fears | Nachawati recognizes that not all attorneys provide the legal representation that they should. Some counsellors are so poor, in fact, that a court would refuse to acknowledge their representation as meaningful legal counsel, as the Ramirez-Sifuents case suggests. You deserve excellent legal counsel. If your attorney has done such a poor job in your case as to substantially impair your ability to recover, your legal rights may have been injured as a result. To fight back, contact us! For a free consultation, call 1.866.705.7584 or email

 Recovering at a Houston hospital, Rep. Gabrille Giffords has begun rehabilitation after what doctors describe as her “spectacular” recovery from a gunshot wound infamously sustained in a Tuscon, Arizona shooting. Nevertheless, as her doctors have explained, retraining the brain after a traumatic brain injury (TBI) can take years and often includes intensive speech, occupational and physical therapy. Said Dr. Robert Stevens, an associate professor of neurology at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, “You can’t be in a hurry. This is a long, drawn-out process, and it can be extremely frustrating.”


Giffords ordeal shines a light on the costs and difficulties associated with TIBs. If you or a loved one has undergone a traumatic brain injury – caused by a fall, a gunshot wound or other kind of accident – you need a medical and legal team that can help you navigate the long and difficult days ahead. Fortunately, you can ask for no better than the experienced and expert attorneys at Fears | Nachawati. For your free consultation, give us a call at 1.866.705.7584 or send an email to