Every week garbage trucks visit our neighborhoods. Their trash routes are very routine and normally uneventful, except for the occasional dropped trash bin. However routine a garbage man’s route is, accidents can always occur. Many were shocked and saddened by the sudden and accidental death of one of Coleman’s own residents. Max D. Mitchell was killed by a garbage truck on Thursday December 12, 2013. The accident occurred on U.S. Route 80 near Bandera Park Drive (below is a map of the approximate location of the accident). Around 10:40 AM that morning the driver, accidentally backed over the pedestrian Max Mitchell—he was declared dead at the scene.

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A 25 year old man Angel Garcia tragically passed away from an incident at a construction site where he was working. He fell four stories while he was working at the Kyle Field construction site on Texas A&M stadium. Garcia was working for Lindamood Demolition when he fell from the north end of the stadium around 11:25 am on Tuesday. After the fall he was quickly taken to St. Joseph Regional Health Center in Bryan, but the attempt to save him was futile, unfortunately he did not survive his major injuries. After this accident the job site was shut down.

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Antral Franklin suffered a fatal gunshot wound to the chest on Sunday, October 6, 2013 at Williams Chicken, located at 3009 Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard in Dallas, TX. According to the police report, the assailant entered the restaurant and pointed a handgun at Franklin, an employee at Williams Chicken, and fired multiple rounds. Witness

According to the Texas Department of Safety, a Dodge pickup driven by Ramon Aguilar rear-ended a GMC pickup carrying five passengers on Sunday, September 29, 2013. After the initial impact, the GMC went off of the road and rolled into a ditch; killing 26-year-old Luis Valenzuela, 35-year-old Isabel Garcia-De La Cerda, 39-year-old Romulo Molina, 31-year-old

 On Monday, August 26, 2013, 30-year-old Sebastian Sanchez was fatally injured while working on a construction site at the campus of Texas Christian University, when a chimney fell on him. The accident occurred during the demolition of a property, located at 3014 Lubbock Avenue. Sanchez was transported to Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Fort Worth