denton wrongful death lawsuit

The family of an inmate who died at Potter County Detention Center last year filed a lawsuit in federal court in Amarillo this week.


Marvin and Diane Dick, parents of the deceased inmate Michael Dick, allege that their son was denied proper medical care while in custody. The suit named Potter County, members of the medical staff and several jailers as defendants. The family is seeking burial expenses, punitive damages and damages for Dick’s pain and suffering.


Dick was arrested for a violation of his probation in July of 2008. Ten days later, on July 19th, Dick was found dead in his cell. The suit alleges Dick died from peritonitis, a condition caused by the inflammation of the thin membrane that lines the abdominal wall.


The suit alleges violations of both the American with Disabilities Act and Dick’s 14th Amendment rights. According to the suit, the jailers and medical staff deliberately ignored the signs of Dick’s illness, left his medical condition untreated and denied Dick his prescription Xanax, used to treat panic and anxiety.


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