A construction worker in a Houston suburb died yesterday when the metal form of a crane tilted, then broke loose, trapping him underneath. During the accident, a metal strut struck the worker on the head, killing him. The worker, just 28-years-old, was the unintended victim of a construction tool that failed in its obligation to protect him, resulting in his tragic and unnecessary death.


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A 46-year-old man died on the last day of this year’s Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo when he fell from a roller coaster, the HiMiler. Despite the on-the-scene efforts of emergency medical personnel, the man died in a Houston-area hospital soon after the accident. At its highest point, the HiMiler is 53 feet high, although last weekend’s victim’s fatal was reportedly only about 28 feet.


Roller coasters are a hallmark of spring and summer fun in Texas. Unfortunately, too often men, women and children are injured by poorly designed and improperly maintained facilities. In the wake of the tragic accident, the safety measures in place at the time of the accident on the HiMiler have come under severe scrutiny.


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