Estrado Huitron Alfono and 18- year old man was attacked by three pit bull mixed dogs owned by 61 year-old Michael Middlebrook. The incident occurred on Friday December 5, 2013 on Avenue M at Wallace Street in Forth Worth. Fortunately police arrive on the scene as Mr. Alfono was being attacked and were able to help him to safety. Sadly the officers had to shoot one of the dogs. Because of the major injuries Mr. Alfono received he was taken to John Peter Smith Hospital. Below is a map of the approximate location of the attack.,+Forth+Worth+TX&aq=&sll=32.726178,-97.269283&sspn=0.026789,0.028281&gl=us&g=Wallace+Street+Avenue+M,+Forth+Worth+TX&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=Avenue+M,+Fort+Worth,+Tarrant,+Texas+76105&ll=32.724375,-97.269301&spn=0.107152,0.113125&t=m&z=13&output=embed
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Just after midnight on Tuesday December 3, 2013 a 45 year old man, Ignacio Mesa was attacked by three pit bulls on Crump Street near 32nd Street in Forth Worth (the approximate area of attack is shown in the map below). The attack left Mr. Mesa hospitalized from several bite wounds. His 26-year old daughter, in an effort to help him was bitten by these aggressive dogs as well. Officials think Mr. Mesa may have been attacked as he was out searching for his own dog. Interestingly enough, according to a report from the United States Postal Service, Dallas is ranked as one of the worst cities for dog attacks. Although this report was specifically regarding mail carriers, it demonstrates the possible danger of dogs from simply walking through a neighborhood. Because of the accident officials had to shoot the three pit bulls.,-97.342838&daddr=&hl=en&geocode=&sll=32.803134,-97.342933&sspn=0.003513,0.003444&mra=mift&mrsp=0&sz=18&ie=UTF8&ll=32.803134,-97.342933&spn=0.003513,0.003444&t=m&output=embed
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Arturo Valtierra appeared in a West Texas courtroom Tuesday for arraignment. Valtierra has been charged with attacking, beating, and robbing three women in El Paso. According to police DNA evidence from Valtierra has also been traced to a sexual assault case in Fort Worth. The Fort Worth incident happened in September of 2012, on Little

An investigation is currently being conducted by Fort Worth Police to further solidify evidence that former Benbrook Sgt. Chad Peabody and former Detective Jason Montgomery were responsible for the hit-and-run that occurred on Saturday, August 24, 2013 at approximately 2:14 a.m. Peabody and Montgomery were traveling in a red Dodge Pickup Truck when they allegedly