The family of a Texas couple killed in a bicycle accident has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the driver of the motor vehicle involved in the fatal collision.

The Texas wrongful death lawsuit is being brought by the fathers of the two victims, Gary Bruehler and Forrest Telleson, on behalf of the couple’s daughter, 7-year-old Kylie.

Named as a defendant is 40-year-old Gilbert John Sullaway Jr. Sullaway was driving a Ford pickup truck when he struck the victims, who were riding along the highway on a tandem bicycle. Sullaway overcorrected, veering off of Texas 16 and striking Gregory and Alexandra Bruehler.

A second defendant is named in the Texas wrongful death lawsuits – Advanced Detection Security Services Inc. Sullaway is listed as vice president of this security company and was on duty at the time that he was involved in the accident. 

No criminal charges have been filed against Sullaway, and he was not cited with any traffic violations. Sullaway was driving five miles over the speed limit at the time of the accident, and there is no evidence that he was intoxicated.

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The family of a deceased Dallas county inmate has announced plans to file a lawsuit against the sheriff’s department.

The deceased inmate, Bernardo Mario Pena, suffered a fatal injury in an apparent fight with another inmate. Pena died in the Parkland Memorial Hospital on October 18th

Pena’s family says the sheriff’s department was negligent and failed to provide safety for their inmates. According to Pena’s family, they were not immediately notified of Pena’s injury or the fight that led to the fatal injury.

Pena, 44, was incarcerated at Lew Sterrett jail on a parole violation. He became involved in an altercation with another inmate on October 17th. Pena was taken to the hospital after he apparently suffered a seizure.

His death has been ruled a homicide due to trauma to the head by the Dallas County Medical Examiners Office.

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In Texas, you can file a wrongful death lawsuit, no matter the age of the victim. Texas wrongful death lawsuits can be brought even in cases where the victim was an elderly person.

The wrongful death of an elderly person leaves their family with very real losses – emotional and sometimes financial. The surviving family member, for example, might have relied on the victim’s income or pension. Some pensions do not have a survivorship benefit, which means the surviving spouse loses the money they relied on before the victim’s death.

In general, however, financial damages are less in wrongful death lawsuits when the victim was an elderly person. This is because, in most cases, the victim is retired. In addition, the children of an elderly person are usually grown and self-supporting.

Courts do, though, take into consideration the surviving family member’s loss of affection, guidance and companionship.

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The family of an inmate who died at Potter County Detention Center last year filed a lawsuit in federal court in Amarillo this week.


Marvin and Diane Dick, parents of the deceased inmate Michael Dick, allege that their son was denied proper medical care while in custody. The suit named Potter County, members of the medical staff and several jailers as defendants. The family is seeking burial expenses, punitive damages and damages for Dick’s pain and suffering.


Dick was arrested for a violation of his probation in July of 2008. Ten days later, on July 19th, Dick was found dead in his cell. The suit alleges Dick died from peritonitis, a condition caused by the inflammation of the thin membrane that lines the abdominal wall.


The suit alleges violations of both the American with Disabilities Act and Dick’s 14th Amendment rights. According to the suit, the jailers and medical staff deliberately ignored the signs of Dick’s illness, left his medical condition untreated and denied Dick his prescription Xanax, used to treat panic and anxiety.


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