OCTOBER 2015  – During a lengthy surgical procedure, such as a hip replacement surgery, keeping the patient adequately warmed is important to prevent hypothermia. Medicare requires warming during hip replacement surgeries to reduce bleeding and shorten recovery time. The Bair Hugger Forced Air Warmer is one type of device used since 1987 to maintain

Many across the world are victims of the DePuy ASR hip implants. What was originally intended to help patients across the globe has turned out to hurt more than it helps. Johnson & Johnson, the DePuy hip implant company, recently announced a multibillion-dollar deal to settle thousands of lawsuits concerning their defective product which was recalled in August of 2010. The lawsuits describe how within just a few years of the implant surgery many patients experienced failure and other defective problems with the replacement. In fact, the A.S.R. implant—a metal ball and metal cup—was found to shed metallic debris as it wore down from use. These particles generated from the grinding of metal against metal have been shown to cause damage in the surrounding tissue, causing crippling and serious injuries in some patients.

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