Last week, a San Antonio motorcyclist travelling at excessive speed clipped a car, lost control, and crashed. Unfortunately, the motorcyclist’s injuries were life-threatening, made much worse by the fact that he wasn’t wearing a helmet. Thanks to an Air Life helicopter ride to University Hospital, the driver had a chance to survive.


Driving a motorcycle is dangerous. Tragically, that danger was amplified by the motorcyclist in San Antonio because of risky choices like speeding, not wearing a helmet and travelling too closely to a car.


Despite its danger, however, motorcycle accidents are often reported as if the risk of driving a motorcycle is the cause of the wreck. In many cases, that’s not the case. Inattentive motorists frequently fail to look for motorcyclists. The result can be catastrophic. Moreover, some insurers are highly critical of motorcyclists’ claims, presumptively acting as if the motorcyclist was responsible.


If you’re a motorcyclist, you should remember two things. First, be safe. Motorcycles are considerably more dangerous than cars. You should take extra precautions. Second, if you’re in an accident, talk to the personal injury experts at Fears | Nachawati. We understand that inattentive motorists and critical insurers are real a problem. We can help you! For a free consultation, call 1.866.705.7584 or email