NOVEMBER 2015 – Johnson & Johnson’s Ethicon Prosima device is the center of a trial in progress currently in Dallas. The testimony stated that although medical professionals were aware that there are safer natural alternatives to the mesh product, doctors proceeded to permanently implant a temporary vaginal support device that may be defective. Ethicon’s victims

BURLESON TEXAS – Around 7:00 pm on Sunday evening, three adults and two children were critically injured in a head-on crash at the 7011 block of FM 917 and I35W in Johnson County. The two boys, aged 3 and 9, were transported to Cook Children’s Medical Center and placed on trauma alert. Two women went

In September of last year, 21-year old Aaron Banks settled for an undisclosed amount with Johnson and Johnson (J&J) regarding the use of Risperdal with its negative side effects and understated risks. Banks had been treated with Risperdal from the ages 9 to 14. Because of the use of this drug he developed a condition known as Gynecomastia, or the abnormal growth of male breast tissue. Banks’ attorney Stephen Sheller explains that the breast development is caused by the stimulation and increased levels of prolactin—a hormone released by the pituitary gland. Unfortunately for Banks, this growth of males breasts lead to prolonged psychological trauma. This case was only the first of many to follow; recently J&J has been involved in a 2.2 billion dollar Risperdal settlement with the federal government. This law suit is partially based on the alleged understated risks of the medication. Sheller also stated, “There are boys who grew breasts as large as ‘D’ cups. There’s a major design defect here… not just the fact that labeling understated risks.”

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For more than a decade Risperdal has been promoted for unproven off-label uses. Although doctors may have a legal right to prescribe drugs for some off-label purposes, drug companies are not legally entitled to promote or market drugs for purposes other than those approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Through salespeople, sent out


Would you take a drug if one of the side effects was possible death? Most wouldn’t take that risk. Would you take a drug if you knew that one of the side effects for young men was the risk of breast growth? Few would take that risk as well. However, Risperdal—an atypical antipsychotic medication—has

Two people were killed in a wreck in rural Johnson County involving a tractor-trailer rig.  Authorities report that a pickup truck struck the back of a Peterbilt tractor-trailer at the intersection of county roads 904 and 1017.  The pickup truck wound up under the big rig and the top of the truck was sheared off.  The pickup truck driver and passenger were pronounced dead at the scene. 

Fears | Nachawati represents the victims and survivors of tractor-trailer and other commercial vehicle crashes.  If you or someone in your family has been injured or killed, call us for a consultation today at 1.866.705.7584. 

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