A mother and her son have filed a lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson and Jansseen Pharmaceuticals, the makers and manufacturers of Risperdal. Mary Wasserman, mother to 26-year-old Andrew Wasserman, claims that Risperdal, prescribed to her son after medications failed, caused embarrassing and troubling side effects. Since starting to take the medication, Andrew has developed breasts

Pictured above: Emergency crews at the site of the accident (Pictured courtesy of OC Register

An accident that occurred in Mission Viejo, California on Thursday afternoon left one worker injured and one worker dead. The accident happened at Mission Viejo High School when 23-year-old Daniel Pohl was on top of a 30-foot scaffold attempting

The FDA has released a new warning regarding both prescription and OTC (over-the-counter) oral viscous lidocaine solution, stating that it is not approved to treat teething pain and that health care providers should not prescribe the drug to children with teething pain. The agency now requires that a Boxed Warning, it’s most stringent warning