OCTOBER 2015 – On average, there can be upwards of 500,000 trucking accidents each year. Large commercial vehicles, such as 18-wheelers are involved in 1 out of every 8 traffic fatalities. The trucking industry has been accused of sacrificing safety over profits. Speeding, driver fatigue, unsafe driving in bad weather conditions, distracted truck drivers,

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TERRELL TEXAS – On Wednesday morning, September 16, 2015, William Edwards, 66, of Plano, Texas, was killed in an accident that involved four 18-wheelers and one car. Mr. Edwards was driving his black 2009 Nissan on I20 under the eastbound Spur 557 overpass, when a truck driven by Gurwinder Singh, 23

Pictured above: The fire truck after the accident 

Over the weekend, a California man involved in a crash with a Los Angeles County Fire Department fire truck was killed. The 36-year-old, identified as Eric Stein, was driving with his wife to his brother’s wedding rehearsal dinner on Friday night around 5pm when the accident happened.


Pictured above: The scene of the accident 

Yesterday afternoon, in Vicksburg, Mississippi, a log truck and minivan collided in a deadly accident. The accident happened around 3p.m. in the afternoon near Highway 611 and Washington Street when the minivan attempted to enter the roadway from the street and collided with the log truck. The

Pictured above: A scene from the accident that involved 9 vehicles

Last week, two accidents occurred that involved one careless truck driver. The first accident happened on Wednesday, June 24th in Wildwood, Florida when Benjamin Scott Brewer sideswiped a truck while he attempted to pass. Brewer bumped the other truck and both trucks pulled over.