Fears | Nachawati has filed suit in federal court on behalf of its clients against Apple and various iPhone application makers, alleging that the companies violated consumers’ privacy rights by tracking their private data.  The phones use a unique identifier (called a Unique Device ID or UDID) to track users personal information, including location, gender, age and contacts.  This private data is then passed along to advertisers without the knowledge or consent of Apple’s users.  The lawsuit is pending in federal court in California.  Fears | Nachawati is considering filing suit against additional defendants, and is currently investigating whether Google’s Android phone forces users to suffer the same kinds of privacy violations.

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Apple, maker of the iPhone and iPad, has been sued on behalf of numerous consumers by Fears | Nachawati.  The lawsuit alleges that Apple allowed application makers access to users personal data, without the knowledge or consent of the users.  This data in turns allowed advertisers and marketers to track users unique data, including their location, online habits and activities.

For more information about this lawsuit, contact Fears | Nachawati at 1.866.705.7584.  Also please see this article from CNBC. 

Fears | Nachawati has sued Apple and a number of its iPhone application makers for various privacy violations.  The firm and its client allege that Apple and the application makers helped advertisers secretly create detailed profiles of iPhone users without their knowledge or consent.  Apple and the applications makers allegedly mined data from the consumers’ use of their iPhones, including browing habits, location, and shopping habits.  This invasion is possible because Apple assigns a unique identifier to each iPhone, which allows advertisers to correlate data to specific individual end users. 

For more information about the lawsuit and Fears | Nachawati, please call the firm at 1.866.705.7584 and also see this article at wired.com.