Majed Nachawati, a co-founder of Fears | Nachawati Law Firm, recently completed a three month term as The Grand Jury Foreman of a Dallas County Grand Jury.  In honor of the fine job the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office does on a daily basis, Mr. Nachawati has donated 100% of the income he received to The Texas Crime Victims’ Compensation Fund. The CVC is administered by the Office of the Attorney General and is dedicated to ensuring that victims of violent crime are provided financial assistance for crime-related expenses that cannot be reimbursed by insurance or other sources.


Jose L. Reyes, a 29-year veteran of the Laredo Police Department, won’t patrol the streets of Laredo, Texas, tonight, thanks to a driver’s recklessness Saturday morning. Instead, Officer Reyes will continue to fight for his life in a San Antonio hospital.


Office Reyes’ patrol down Interstate 35 was violently interrupted on Saturday when a vehicle struck his motorcycle, flinging him onto the highway. Images of the accident reveal evidence common to motorcycle accident: skid marks on the highway, the motorcycle on its side, pressed up against the concrete retaining wall, and a driver notably absent, already flown to a nearby hospital for life-saving medical procedures.


Fears | Nachawati has considerable experience investigating what contributed to the cause of motorcycle and automobile accidents and understanding how the facts of an accident alter the type of legal recovery that victims can receive. If you’ve been in a car or motorcycle accident, you need more than a fervent attorney. You need someone who understands the nuances of the law and the experience to win justice for you. We have the understanding and experience you need. For your free consultation, call us at 1.866.705.7584 or email Let us fight for you.

A car accident in southwest Houston claimed the lives of a driver and his passenger this weekend. The driver lost control of his speeding Chevrolet Camaro, then jumped a curb and slammed into a light pole and a brick wall. The force of the collision was overwhelming, throwing the driver from the vehicle and killing the passenger.


This tragic accident is horrible for the families of both victims, but it is particularly difficult for the passenger’s loved ones. The passenger didn’t have control over the car and didn’t have the ability to influence the outcome of the fatal accident. Under Texas law, the driver is not only responsible for his own safety, but her safety, too.


Fears | Nachawati helps accident victims and their families recover from the pain and shock associated with a traumatic collision. If a passenger you love was hurt or killed because of a driver’s negligence, he or she should speak with our experts immediately. We can help your family put their lives back together! For your free consultation, call us at 1.866.705.7584 or email Let us help you!

Children, required by law to attend school, have a right to safe classrooms, cafeterias, and playgrounds. A rattlesnake in Amarillo, Texas, however, has proved that the Bushland school district isn’t doing enough to protect the rights of the children in their custody.


A five year-old kindergartner at Bushland Elementary School was playing in the school soccer field yesterday when a rattlesnake bit him. Rattlesnake bites cause a variety of harms that can be as mild as nausea or as severe as heart failure. Importantly, children often experience more severe symptoms because the amount of venom injected into their body is relatively large, given their small size.


Fears | Nachawati helps personal injury victims understand their rights and determine the right way to respond to their injury. In the case of the Amarillo student, the Bushland school district clearly owes a greater duty of care to the students in their charge. Has your child been injured at school because of unsafe premises? Find out by contacting our expert attorneys! Just call 1.866.705.7584 or email

A Lubbock High graduate who was preparing to enter Texas Tech University after her year-long training with the Army Reserves died earlier this week when the car in which she was riding broke through a guardrail and tumbled down an overpass. The driver, a Texas Tech medical student, and another passenger were seriously injured in the accident. Both passengers weren’t wearing their seatbelts; based on evidence of alcohol found in the car, investigators suspect that the driver may have been drinking.


Drunk driving accidents are unfortunately common in Texas. They often cause severe injury or death due to erratic driving and excessive speeds. Both recklessness and high speeds appear to be involved in the Lubbock accident.


Fears | Nachawati protects drunk driving victims and their families. If you or a loved one have been injured, talking to our personal injury experts could give you the peace of mind and financial security that you need. For a free consultation, call us at 1.866.705.7584 or email to

Donald Leeroy Ballard, a Little League umpire near Houston, Texas, lured a 16-year-old child into his residence with the promise of food and video games. Once inside the home, Ballard sexually assaulted the child. Given Mr. Ballard’s relatively high interaction with teenage boys throughout Liberty County, the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office was concerned that Ballard might have sexually assaulted other children as well.


Ballard will be subject to criminal charges, however, he also will likely face tort allegations, too. Victims deserve their day in court and they need legal advisors capable of defending their rights. If you or a loved one has been the victim of a crime such as battery, theft, or sexual assault, contact the legal advisors at Fears | Nachawati. Call at 1.866.705.7584 or send an email to We can help you!

Hip replacements are common among older Americans. When properly built and installed, they can dramatically improve an individual’s quality of life. Tragically, however, a group of patients in Houston have encountered failed hip devices. Earlier this month, these victims filed suit against Johnson & Johnson, Inc., the manufacturer of the ASR XL Acetabular Metal-on-Metal Hip Replacement System. They have valid reason for concern: in August 2010 Johnson & Johnson recalled the ASR XL system after a study revealed that the product had a high failure rate of 13 percent over five years.


Have you had a hip replacement that causes you pain and discomfort? If so, you may be living with a failed product. You can do something about it. To find out more about how to improve your health and fight for your rights, contact the experts at Fears | Nachawati. Call us at 1.866.705.7584 or send an email to We can help!

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 Texas motorists are required to carry automobile insurance. Should the Texas legislature require dog owners to carry insurance against their pets, too?


Rep. Ruth Jones McClendon (D.-San Antonio) thinks so. In fact, McClendon has introduced a bill that would require any Texan who owns a male dog which weighs 20 pounds or more and is not neutered to have an insurance policy covering injuries or damage caused by that dog when it is off the leash or out of the dog’s yard.


Dog bites are more common than most Americans realize. Americans own 74.8 million dogs according to the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association (APPMA) and a study by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) determined that roughly 2 percent of Americans, 4.7 million people, are bit annually. In fact, roughly 800,000 require medical attention and 368,000 send victims to the emergency room.


Perhaps most importantly, serious dog bites are on the rise. The Department of Health and Human Services reports that in the last 16 years the number of dog bites resulting in hospitalization have increased 86 percent, from 5,100 in 1993, to 9,500 in 2008. The average cost of treatment was more than $18,000 per patient and the majority of patients were under 5 or over 65. In fact, U.S. dog attack victims suffer more than $1 billion in monetary losses every year!


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