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As you get into a car, for some this may be everyday, you usually do not expect to end up in an accident. In fact, many get into such a routine that the trip to work or daily errands become automatic, and may even feel they are running on autopilot, some not even recalling most of the drive once they reach their destination.  Unfortunately for some this routine is disrupted by the unexpected.  Car accidents are common but always unanticipated, especially when driving through a countryside with few cars in the surrounding area. Ms. Desiree Perez was driving a Chrysler with her 5-year-old son along Route 141 just west of Kingsville TX. As she attempted to pass another car she hit the oncoming traffic head-on. The oncoming vehicle, a Honda Civic, was driven by Zack Stevens, age 57 and a resident of Corpus Christi. Mr. Stevens died at the scene and Ms. Perez and her son were sent to the hospital with serious injuries. Above is an approximate location of the crash. 

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